{ Setapp Sp. z o.o. }

First and foremost, we are a team. Many years of cooperation has allowed us to realize the strength that comes from the synergy of our skills. As a result, we understand and trust each other. Having a deep understanding of one another allows us to cope with the most demanding challenges.

We are an active member of the information revolution. Developing software that matters is our passion. We just enjoy it. As simple as that. We believe that software we create transforms our world into a more fascinating place. Every day we think forward to expand our horizons. A strong interest in creating beautiful and useful applications with the latest technologies in the world is our main guiding principle. We love watching people all over the world using our digital craft and having fun with our products. Products which arise from the combination of art and technology to disrupt people’s lives and businesses.

We are small enough to be agile and big enough to deliver complex projects. We always try to go the extra mile by doing more than our clients expect. We deliver services and products that we are proud to stand behind.

We have built out culture on strong foundations of fearlessness, innovation and excellence. In our community we respect and invest in each other because we know that work-life balance is essential for a motivated and happy environment.


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